We Wanted a Second Opinion….

So Friday Ebony and I loaded up in mom and dad’s pickup and headed north to a new vet to have her eye checked out (for a second time).




Isn’t she adorable?



Below are a couple picture of Ebony’s eye.



We took Ebony to a vet when she was just a little lamb.  He told us, “I’d send her to the butcher pen.”  I covered her ears and said, “not right in front of her.”  We paid our bill and left.  We knew that wasn’t an option, so we headed home.

Vet Number 2 had a slightly sunnier diagnosis.  He said he didn’t think it was hereditary, it would be fine to breed her, it shouldn’t get any worse, and won’t hurt her in any way.  She is blind in that eye, but manages just fine.  He said she has a small eye due to missing the iris/pupil of her eye.  Micropthalmia is the term he used.  It is just a rare condition she was born with.


Here is Ebony as a baby with her brother, Ivory.  They were bottle lambs we brought home from Dad’s to take care of and raise.  We actually suspected something was not quite right with her eye from day one.

“Normal” is so subjective.


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