It’s Alright to be Itty Bitty…..

Dad had a ewe who had the ittiest (Word says it’s not a word, but if bittiest is than ittiest must be too, right?), bittiest baby lamb Saturday in the night.  Sunday we headed down to pickup their mower (our’s is out of commission, plumes of smoke are bad as far as mowers are concerned) and power washer.  While we were there we did a little photo shoot.


Mama had a rough go of it before giving birth so don’t judge.  Also, (for those not familiar with sheep breeds) Dad raises hair sheep that shed instead of needing sheared.  So, the wool/hair issue isn’t a type of sheep mange it’s naturally supposed to do that.





Just look at the size difference between the one in the front and the one in the back.  Both born the same day.


She’s a good mama none the less and mama and baby are doing fine.  The little one was also the center of attention after our family reunion Sunday afternoon.  The kids were smitten when they saw him.


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