Long story short, we need land for our growing sheep farm.  We hope to make it a source of income someday so it is a priority.  However, we are reconsidering jumping back into our adoption if we can get our land situation figured out once and for all.

Our adoption agency is willing to hold a spot for us if we get our I600-A sent off asap. 

We have already ordered 12 rolls of fencing for the pasture behind our house (that does not belong to us, it is my Grandma’s).  So, we will possibly lose everything we are going to invest in the pasture, but with 37 (so far) lambs we have to ensure they are contained and not able to get out on the road where they can (and have once) get hit.  Investing the time and money into a pasture that is not our’s is just a chance we are going to have to take to ensure our sheep are safe.

A land auction is coming up near our home, so we will be taking a day off work to go to it and possibly bid on 160 acres just down the road from mom and dad.  It needs A LOT of work ($) before our sheep could ever step foot on it, and we’re not sure it’s something we want to do, but we are getting desperate for land that belongs to us for our animals to call home.

With the market the way it is we would be unable to sell our home right now, so would have to be able to buy the land at a price that would allow us to continue living in the house we are in at present.  Wish us luck!

Ideally, we would like to stay where we are since it is the house I grew up in, and we have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it.  Whatever happens, happens because it is what is supposed to happen. 

We are still planning to adopt from Nepal if we can get everything else worked out and get our paperwork in on time.  Our dossier would be sent in 2010, but no word on how long the wait will be from there.

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