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37 and still going…

We have 37 baby lambs on our farm as of this morning.  The girls have done so well.  We worry about them since we are gone during the day, but we have a wonderful friend who stops in throughout the day  to check on them and my dad goes down there throughout the day to look in on them as well.  We have 17 boys and 20 girls added to our flock since March 13th. 

They are really blowing through the alfalfa.  We are anxious for spring to get here, so they can head to pasture.  The first calm weekend we plan to burn our pasture, start tearing down the old fence on the east side, and replace it with sheep/goat fencing.  The fencing is on order and should be here in a week.  We would like to burn this weekend, but there is a chance of rain, snow, and strong winds, so it’s not looking too promising.

We have a handful on bottles and buckets of milk for one reason or another and a couple we are helping supplement.  Other than that everyone is happy and healthy.  Hank (our llama) has got his hands full.  Last night Randy caught the kids playing follow the leader.  They were running in a circle and jumping on and off Hank, who was laying down trying to catch some shut eye.  He would groan as the little ones jumped on and off of his back.  Poor guy!

I will try to take some pictures over the weekend if it’s not too crazy.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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