Application, Emails, and Phone Calls…

Randy and I have taken a leap of faith.  A couple of weeks ago we sent in our application for adoption.  We have been discussing this for over a year now.  It was a really difficult decision for us to make.  The economy is scary, life is scary, and eventually it just boiled down to having a little faith. 

Choosing an agency and choosing a country were one in the same.  We wanted an agency who worked in Kansas, but we also wanted certain elements from the program itself.  Our first country of choice was the ever popular China.  We new the wait time was long, but 4 years?  We considered an older child adoption from China, but some of the requirements were a little questionable for us.  I was and still am very drawn to Ethiopia.  I knew I wanted to adopt from a country with a great need, and Ethiopia definitely qualified.  Cambodia-closed, Vietnam-closed, Burma-impossible.  We went through them all, country by country.  We discussed all the rules, regulations, requirements, wait times.  We finally chose an agency, discussed all the countries most recent information and decided on Korea.  Whew, done…..wait, not done.  Pilot program for Nepal?  Hmmm, that sounds interesting.  Google…Nepal.  I had made my decision the minute the first site opened.  Now to convince my wonderful husband to once again change our plans.  The beauty of Korea (for Randy) was we didn’t have to travel there.  With all the livestock, I have no vacation, and he has minimal vacation, this was a big deal.  Three weeks in Nepal was going to take some doing, but in the end he agreed.  I called the agency, had our application changed, and last night received the phone call welcoming us to the Nepal program with Holt International

They stressed that this is a pilot program, there are many unknowns, and will we be up for the challenge.  I told the lady I hoped so.

Now we wait for our list of papers and forms to complete and return so we can schedule our homestudy.  We have already collected as much as we could ahead of time (birth certificates, marriage license, etc.).  We want to complete the homestudy as quickly as possible and all the paper work must be completed first.  So, this will be the focus as soon as we get the information  we need to begin.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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