Farmer’s Market…

I have been doing a little competition with myself.  I am trying to not buy groceries for the rest of the years (4 mos.).  I have a few stipulations such as:

I can buy meat from our neighbor (a butcher) if any comes available (deer season).

I can also buy pumpkins from the farmer’s market.

Lastly, I can buy fruit (oranges, apples, and grapefruit) from the FFA (Future Farmers of America) kids when they sell it in Nov/Dec.

Well, I cheated.  I went to the farmer’s market yesterday and bought:


green onions

bell peppers


and bison liver

I couldn’t help myself.  I have been wanting salad and okrafor so long.  My lettuce died, my okra is producing about 2 a week, and I have no self control.  Hey, it’s not like I ran to Walmart and bought a family-sized bag of Snickers or something.

Dinner last night was:

Chili with local beef and venison

a fresh, local salad (some of which was home grown)

and okra cooked in bacon grease

It was delicious!

I would call it a complete failure, but I am going to try to do better in the future and fight off those craving for fresh veggies, haha!

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