Could we have anymore dogs???

My parents have two dogs.

My brother just got a puppy to bring his dog count to two.

And now we have a third dog at our house.

Here are my brother’s two hound dogs.  They are too cute and so happy-go-lucky!



And here is our new addition in the midst of a game of ball.


He loves to play ball, however, he is faster than our blue heeler, Ash, and she gets kind of testy about it.  So, my mom, “Grandma,” bought Thai a new ball of his very own.  He loves it.  Koal just hangs out behind us where it’s safe from flying objects. 

We have our hands full, as if we didn’t before the third dog came along, but I just can’t imagine him being locked in a shelter hoping for a good home.  He still favors his foot from time-to-time, but it’s healing well and doesn’t slow him down.

Randy sprayed the stickers in our pasture last night, so hopefully we can get Thai out there soon working with the sheep.  I really didn’t want to use chemical on the pasture, but we didn’t know what else to do.  We will be planting Bermuda seed this weekend (hopefully), so that should help choke out a lot of the weeds we are having problems with.  We’ve started rotational grazing and hope to burn in the fall, so that should help also.




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