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Over the weekend my Grandma picked boysenberries and was nice enough to share.  I had pulled weeds in them earlier in the season and will be going there to pick berries tonight.  Incase you aren’t familiar, boysenberries are very similar to blackberries in flavor and appearance.

I also picked mulberries over the weekend out of this tree.

See all those weeds and shrubs growing underneath it?  That makes it fun : )     To pick mulberries you don’t actually “pick” them.  You take a sheet, lay it under neath a branch, and shake the branch until all the ripe berries have fallen off.  Then you pour the berries in a bowl and move on to another branch.  I soak my berries in salt water when I get home to drive out any bugs that may be hiding inside them.

With the boysenberries I made my first ever pie from scratch.  I took a pre-oven picture which was a good thing because the after-oven picture wasn’t as pretty.

I asked my grandma how to make this pie and got a “Grandma” recipe.  You use a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Needless to say it boiled over in the oven and the crumbles on top melted into a puddle,  but it tasted delicious even if it didn’t look the prettiest.

I also pulled some onions yesterday and cut some chives and have them dehydrating in the dehydrator.  I have ham hocks in the crockpot so I can freeze the broth to use for mustard and collard greens in the future. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

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