Water test…

Our water test came back a-ok, so we are leaning toward Salmonella.  Randy and I still haven’t made a full recovery.  We are supposed to start a second round of antibiotics, but I’m holding out until I see my kinesiologist Tuesday to see if he has an alternative route to take.  Right now I am taking Oil of Oregano to help with my upset stomache and will start Echinacea/Goldenseal this evening to battle the repercussions of the antibiotics.  I’m also going to start a Vitamin C regimen of about 6,000-8,000 mg/day to give my body a swift kick.  I’ve read up to 18,000 mg/day is okay, but I’m going to start at 6-8,000.  I’m also trying to eat lots of plain yogurt to add good bacterial back into my system.

I haven’t been to the dairy yet and won’t make it over there until Friday or Saturday, so we have no yogurt, no kefir, no nothing until then.  We pitched everything after our doctor uttered the word salmonella.  So, we will have to start over. 

I also hope to make another batch of kombucha over the weekend if I can get my hands on some organic black tea.

I’ve been eating homemade/fermented sauerkraut daily in hopes of getting my body back in shape to fight for itself.  We really hated to do the antibiotics, but at the time we had no choice.

I’ll keep you posted on how my “self medicating” is going.  I get an eye roll from my husband sometimes, but I still forge ahead.  He’s always amazed when it works.

Have a great weekend!

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