We are so sick…

Five days of sickness.  We aren’t 100% sure which ailment we have/had, but it is a slow recovery either way.  Randy and I have both been sick at the same time.  No fun when chore time rolls around.

Salmonella-milk, eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables

Giardia-water (specifically un-chlorinated well water)

Monday we saw a PA (are they not just better than doctors 9 times out of 10) who put us on meds for both.  Blood work showed bacteria, but no specifics.  We are having our water tested tomorrow, however, they cannot test for giardia.  They test for E. Coli and if it comes back positive they assume giardia exists also.  Basically if you have E. Coli in your water you have issues no matter what.

When going through the questions in the doctor’s office I obviously had to bring up the raw milk, farm eggs, home processed meats, etc and she never really batted an eye.  No lecture on buying pasturized milk.  Nothing.  It was so nice.  I guess even the doctors are starting to think outside the modern medicine box.

I tried what I could think of before resorting to prescriptions, but we were getting weak, dehydrated, and not getting any better.  Just for fun, here is what didn’t cure us:

Large doses of Vitamin C (4,000-8,000 mg per day)

Oil of Oregano (high antioxidant, cure mild stomach problems)  We surpassed “mild” almost immediately.

Yogurt (good bacteria)

Lots of water (unfortunately it was unfiltered well water)

It will be a long recovery from the information I have read (2-3 weeks), but we are starting to feel human again.

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