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Herbs & Greens…

We have an abundance of herbs and salad supplies in our garden.

I picked herbs the other morning, tied them with twine, and hung them to dry in my kitchen area.



Lemon Balm

All tied up and ready to hang.

This is my first attempt.  I think they are supposed to have brown paper bags over them, but I’m trying without first.



To freeze my spinach I quickly steam it (3 minutes I believe) and place it in ziplock baggies or use my Foodsaver.

While I was preserving the harvest our blue heeler was taking it easy.

We also milked out our mama ewes after a few days of weening to make sure their bags didn’t get over loaded with milk.  Here is the frozen milk on it’s way out to the big freezer.  It will be used next year as needed for bottle lambs.


And here are the boys (Thai and Randy) hard at work fixing our fence after a tree trimming “oops” and a few storms (hence all the limbs and wood).

Last but not least is a picture from our front porch.  There used to be a row of Australian Pines to block the road and wind.  However, they became diseased and had to be cut down.  The view is amazing, but the openess to the road is not very enjoyable.  It was a little hazy the morning I took the picture, but it’s still pretty.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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