Weaning time…

It is time to wean our baby lambs from their mamas.  There is nothing noisier on our farm than this time of year.  Texel sheep are heavy milkers which is great during lambing, but a little more time consuming when it’s time to dry them off.  Last night Randy and I milked out 14 ewes just to make sure they didn’t get overloaded with milk in the drying-off process.  I froze the milk in soda bottles so we will have some extra milk next year during lambing season.  You enter into a category of, “ew gross,” when you own livestock and do things you would never in a million years thought of doing prior, like say store 8 bottles of uncleaned, unfiltered sheep’s milk in your fridge and freezer.  Yum!

Tonight I am focusing on catching up on some house work and spending some quality time with our dogs.  They have been a little deprived the passed couple of days so it’s make up time.

Have a wonderful day!

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