Stimulus check…

Just a quick tidbit on the stimulus checks you are getting this year.  We intend to pay off debt with our’s, however, if you must spend your check to “stimulate the economy” here are a couple of ideas:

*Shop locally with the money at individual retailers (i.e. NOT Walmart) 

*By items made in the USA (rather than stimulate foreign economies by buying products made in_______(fill in the blank)).

*Use it at local Farmer’s Markets

*Donate to local or enviornmental charities (humane societies).

*Invest, save, or pay off bills (rather than buy more material items, try to get yourself off the economic treadmill so many Americans are on these days).

It’s everyone’s perogative how they spend the money.  This is just a reminder of things which may actually “stimulate” the US economy, help local retailers and farmers, and/or just be a wise choice for individuals.

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