Around the Homestead

A vist from the in-laws…

My in-laws are absolutely great to not only come from Ohio to visit us, but they also come to help us out around our farm with any projects we need done in the spring.  We accommodated them by providing tree trimming, fence building, gardening, weed pulling, building new flowerbeds, opening the pool for summer, hanging lights in the garage, and a garage door opener.  They even helped us de-worm our sheep and separate for weaning.  For nine days we spent our days working around the homestead.  It was incredible how much we got done.  I was so grateful to have his Dad there to help him with some of the projects I couldn’t do or would prefer not to have to do.  They love it, and we love it.  They are already planning their next spring trip.  We can’t wait!

Before we picked them up from the airport we dropped by a friends graduation party.  Andrea (the graduate) and I met in college, and she was the matron of honor in my wedding.  Alicia, her sister, and I also met in college at the same time and are good friends.

Alicia, Andrea, and I

Here are just a few of the things we got accomplished while they were here visiting.

This is a bench by our pool.  Brenda laid the stone and bought me lavender and echinacea to plant in the flowerbed. 

That’s Cooter, our cat!

The Garden!

All my greens and brassicas.

Other half of Garden!

Potatoes, Tomatoes (all the way in the back), Peppers, and lots of seeds.

My potato in a tire.  Yes, I need another tire or two, but I haven’t come up with them yet.

My garden is really taking off.  We are now on a mission to buy minimal groceries and eat strictly from our freezer and garden.  We will have to buy the staples, but other than that we are eating fresh, homegrown food from our farm.  We have spinach, all sorts of greens (lettuce, collards, kale, mustard, etc.), strawberries, radishes, and turnips ready to eat.

This is a flowerbed Brenda and I built last year, but added some yuccas and prickly pear cactus this year.

My aunt put these pots together for Grandma’s 80th and gave them to whoever wanted one after her party was over.  This sets by our front door and is absolutely beautiful.

The guys found this while they were trimming trees in the backyard.  Poor Robin.

We took Hank to our neighbors who raise, sell, and show llamas for his yearly shearing, hoof trimming, and de-worming.

Once the trees were cleared and the fence was rebuilt, Randy hung our fun little sign up by the road.

We had a great time with them, and they were a huge help to us.  We can’t even imagine how long it would have taken the two of us to do all the things they help us accomplish.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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