Around the Homestead, In The Kitchen

Easter and Springtime…

Things are busy, busy here on our little chunk of the globe.  We celebrated Easter with family and lots of wonderful food.  We have Randy’s family coming in this weekend, so there is lots of housekeeping and food preparations to get finished up before they arrive.  Hopefully the weather is nice, but they are already calling for rain here on Saturday.  The rain will be good for the pastures and we need pastures desperately right now.

Chas has a Giveaway!  So go check it out.  She has a wonderful blog and the giveaway is great too!

So far I only have potatoes and onions planted.  My peas didn’t come up and our garden isn’t fenced yet, so our free range chickens will eat the seeds if I plant them.  Hopefully this weekend I will get the majority of my seeds planted. 

I know it’s late, but this is a wonderful recipe for Blarney Stones for those of you intrested in some fun Irish food.  One recommendation is to use salted peanuts.  I made half with raw unsalted peanuts and the other half with regular salted peanuts and they were MUCH better.

Have a wonderful day!

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