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Done lambing…woohoo & Grandma’s surgery

It’s just another one of those days here at work.  My co-worker is on vacation so I am all alone today. 

We are officially done lambing.  It ended with a bang, of course.  Our favorite lamb, Ma, had a major ordeal delivering her single ewe lamb.  I’ll spare you the details, but we are doctoring mama and baby and praying to avoid infection for the mama and pneumonia for the baby.  Things are looking good so far, so hopefully we have a completely happy ending.  So, it is safe to say this now without having to “knock on wood,” not including our aborted/miscarried baby lamb that started off our lambing season, we had no fatalities this season.  Any of you who raise livestock will appreciate this.  We had 18 ewes lamb this year and have 26 babies to show for it.  We didn’t have the highest percentage ever, but we are grateful for the healthy babies we have.  Two have already been sold and one is spoken for, so we are pleased.

In other news my Grandma had surgery to have her gall bladder removed and is doing really well.  Randy brought her home yesterday afternoon and said she looked really well. 

We have decided to buy her car from her since she is buying a new car.  With both of us commuting we put so many miles on our cars everyday.  Randy’s car is a really old, worn out car and may go at anytime.  Hopefully by this time next year we won’t need two commuter cars, but for now we are on the treadmill and contributing to pollution, the need for Middle Easter oil, and an empty house all day.  We’re working on it though.

Randy has been working with Ash, our blue heeler, in the sheep lots.  She is still a long way from independently herding sheep; however, she has made small progress in the form of not devouring sheep poo as soon as she is through the gate.  Baby steps!

I am off to a vet 1 and ½ hours away Friday to get a second opinion on our other dog, Koal.  He has allergies in the form of a rash and also has a small bump on his back we need to have looked at.  So, him and I are loading up (without Ash, she will heartbroken) and heading to a different vet to see if we can come up with something.  I will also be ordering CLO to supplement both of the dogs from here on out and also contemplating making Koal’s food.  I found a recipe that uses lamb which is in great supply here.  I’m just not sure I can keep up with it at this point in my life.  He’s always done really well on the food he is on now.  So, unless they have made changes to their food I can’t imagine it being the problem.

Other than that things are pretty normal here.  We placed an order for 25 Rhode Island Reds which should be here the beginning of April.  We lost another Bantie hen in our stock tank and are down to three.  It was decided to go with a larger chicken that can reach the stock tank without jumping up on the edge, so hopefully we have better luck with these.  Did I mention we are excited about having normal-sized eggs too!

Have a wonderful day!

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