Around the Homestead


Sunday was cold and windy again.  Randy set a heater up in his shop and worked on the engine for a pickup he is trying to get up and running.  I stayed inside, walked on my treadmill and made lemon squares.  My cousin came over mid-morning with his loader and unloaded our orange VW Bus off the trailer so Dad could have his trailer back and Randy could start working on it. 

I wish I had taken pictures.  It was really amazing how he unloaded it in the wind and cold and didn’t hurt it a bit.

My Grandma invited us up for lunch since my cousins were out visiting, so we headed up there to eat and visit with everyone.  Afterwards my Aunt and Uncle came to our house to visit and check out the VW bus we are restoring.  Luckily the house was clean; my biggest fear of people dropping in is that our house will be messy.  Whew!

In the afternoon we watched the last of the playoffs (Chargers vs. Patriots).  Sorry if there are any Patriot fans out there, but I just keep thinking of the saying “cheaters never prosper” and wonder when it is going to kick in.  We were cheering for the Chargers all the way. 

In between games we ran to my cousin’s house to get a tool back he had borrowed and visited for awhile with them.  He has a nice round top shed with a hug wood burner inside.  It stays nice and toasty in there, but whenever we leave Randy and I struggle from the dry heat.  It really makes us rethink a cookstove or woodstove if we build a house.  Hopefully a big pot of water will balance it out.

We also stayed up for most of the Packers vs. Giants game.  My family (Dad, Mom, and Brother) are huge Packers fans, so Randy and I cheered relentlessly for the Giants.  Now the Super Bowl, Patriots vs. Giants, Go Giants!

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