Animals, Around the Homestead


I’m going to do something a little different this time around.  I’m going to make separate entries for the different days I was a away from the computer and couldn’t post them.

Friday it was really cold and windy here.  First thing in the morning I got started on laundry, cleaning the kitchen, made the bed, and baked bread.  Once the sun came up, around 7:30, I headed outside to do our chores which include feeding, watering, and changing the litter box for the cats, opening the door, feeding, and watering the chickens, and breaking the ice on the sheep’s water, looking them over really well, and turning off their building lights.  I also try to fill our four bird feeders at least twice a week with millet or sunflower seeds.  Then I head back inside to warm up with a cup of hot tea.

Dad and Randy went to an auction to look at a tractor for us, and a grain truck for Dad.  Dad’s hoses were frozen that morning and he couldn’t get his sheep watered.  So, once the sun had been out for an hour or so I headed down to their house to water his sheep.  An hour and a half and 16 tubs and stock tanks later everyone was watered, and I was on my way home.

Once I got home I still needed to vacuum the house, get dinner started and do the evening chores.  I vacuumed first then headed outside to do the chores.  We were out of corn, so I loaded up four five gallon buckets and headed to Grandma’s where the corn is kept.  I gave the sheep their corn, collected eggs, and fed the cats.  When I got inside Randy called to see if I had started dinner yet, “nope,” he suggested we go to dinner, just the two of us.  I can’t even remember the last time the two of us had gone to dinner together, probably on our California trip in September.  It was so nice.  We went to a nice little restaurant in a town 20 miles away (that’s about as close as it gets here).  We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Remember the dog we found last week?  Well, no one had claimed him and his time was coming to an end.  So, we were debating what to do.  We felt responsible since we were the one’s who found him and picked him up.  So, we decided we would bring him home with us and as long as he got along with our dogs, couldn’t jump the fence, and didn’t harass the sheep, he could live with us.  We would go the next morning to pick him up and bring him home.

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