A Sad Saturday…

Saturday morning we got the car ready to go to the vet and pick up the new member of our family.  When we got to the vet’s she came out to talk to us about the dog.  We were fully prepared to pay his $90 vet bill and bring him back on Monday to be neutered also.  When she began talking I had a huge sinking feeling him my stomach.  He had multiple complications from a previous surgery, she had called all the vets in the area who could have performed such a surgery, and none of them would release any information to her.  He has a metal plate on one cheek, a bone chip lose inside she couldn’t locate, a dislocated jaw bone on the other cheek, and the list goes on.  I just started to cry.  I had built myself up so much to taking this little guy home with us that hearing he would most likely need to be put to sleep was more than I could take.  She also said he showed signs of abuse which we had noticed when we found him a week ago.  The vet was wonderful to reassure me we were making the right decision.  She estimated the surgery he would need at $2,000 or more if complications arose, and there were no guarantees the surgery would be successful.  So, we left the vet sad and mad at people who don’t take care of their animals yet again.  My philosophy is humans chose to domesticate dogs (and cats, horses, etc. for their own personal gain).  Well, now it is our responsibility to care for them since we have bred all their instincts to survive in the wild out of them.  Not to mention a pack of wild dogs are a bigger threat to livestock than any predator in our area.  They kill not only for food, but for sport.

When we got home I worked on the shirt I am sewing and almost have it done, but need to pick up some elastic to finish it.  Randy and I also made three yarns balls for my Grandma with the yarn from our llama’s wool.  She is crocheting an afghan for us.  After evening chores we curled up to watch a movie and snuggle with our dogs, wondering how anyone would treat an animal unkindly.


Ash (mid-lick)

Koal Teasing Ash

Also just thought I would share this with you.  This is our kitten, Spooky, the first day we brought him home in October.

See how sick he is?

This is him now.

It’s not always a happy ending, but we must enjoy the blessings and not dwell on the bad.  Not to say it doesn’t still make me sad to think about the dog we couldn’t save, but I know he is in a better place now.

Here is one last picture I forgot to post on Friday’s entry.  This is our Australian Cattledog, Ash, hiding under the desk (luckily I had pulled the chair out) while I vacuumed.  The dogs don’t love the vacuum at all.  Sometimes they bark and attack it.  Other times they run from it and hide.

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