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Family Photos…

Okay, I had a minute this afternoon and thought I would post again real quick and share some family photos. 

We had Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house.  She is WONDERFUL to take over the leadership role and being the glue for our family.  She is also the one devoting her full attention to my Grandma while she is in the hospital 60 miles (and in some cases hundreds of miles) away from her children and grandchildren. 

Before we went we got some family photos for a suprise scrapbook my cousin is making for my Grandma for her 80th birthday in April.  So, without further ado….

This is me and Randy, Koal (black, hence the name) and Ash (the Blue Heeler).

My brother, Craig, and his dog, Biff.

And the whole family.  Those are my parents!

He loves having his photo taken, especially with me can you tell :  )

You may not believe it, but there was a time when we had rules in our home. 

Rule #1:  No Dogs on the Furniture!

Rule #2:  Koal can get in his dog bed on the Furniture!  (notice the dog bed half on, half off the sofa)

Rule #3:  Dogs must lay on a sheet if on the Furniture!

Rule #4:  Dogs can lay partially on and off the sheet, but do not lay on the Chenille throws!

Rule #5:  Dogs can do whatever they want, I’ll sit on the floor!

Eh, does it really matter as long as they aren’t being rambunctious and noisy? 

Last but not least is a picture of Ash with her “baby.”  It’s a stuffed otter (actually I think it’s a beaver, but we call it otter).  She can only have it when we are around, otherwise she might devour it.  She carries it around like a baby, usually by the back of the neck, but this one has her by the head.  Too cute!

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