Around the Homestead

No power…Again!


We lost our power again in the night.  So, off to work without a shower.  I love that feeling!  I went to open my car door and the door was frozen shut and my door handle popped off.  Ugh!  Just one of those mornings you wish you had stayed in bed.  On a brighter note, this is my last work day until December 26 so I’m excited about that.

Tomorrow I will ride into work with Randy to meet my cousin and head to the hospital to see my Grandma.  My cousin and I are going to hang out for the day then meet back up with Randy so he can take me home. 

I have decided to quit selling Avon for a multitude of reasons.  Like any big business they have their issues.  I quit buying their products a long time ago and intend to start making my own, so it’s just as well.  Hopefully I have some time over the break to whip up some soap and hopefully some lotion or shampoo.  I’m excited to give it a go and see what I can create.

The insurance adjuster was supposed to come out and look at our damaged roof from the ice storm this week, but we haven’t heard from him.  We were holding off cleaning until he came out, but may have to go ahead with some clean up if he doesn’t come before the holidays.  Randy has the week between Christmas and New Year’s off because his company closes down that week, so he will be a busy bee around our farm.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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