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A weekend of family…

Friday morning Mom and Dad awoke to three dead ewes and one very, very sick.  He was all ready to head to the vet for an autopsy when the vet called and told him to start worming.  We’ve had such a wet spring here in Kansas it has created a pleasant environment for worms in the pastures.  They were also just wormed four weeks ago.  So on Friday morning Dad and I proceeded to worm approximately 500 sheep and older lambs.  I was so tired and sore that afternoon.  Friday is usually my day to clean the house, do the laundry, wash bedding, bake, etc.  I did get some laundry done and canned some chicken broth and chicken, but that was pretty much it. 



That evening mom, dad, my aunt and uncle, Randy and I went out to dinner for Dad’s birthday and had a great time.  Here’s a picture we took ourselves (can you tell) on the way to dinner in the back of my aunt’s van.



On Saturday my Aunt flew in to help my Grandma now that she is home from the hospital.  She had pneumonia and doesn’t have the energy to keep up with her lawn, flowers, and house keeping.  Saturday I hung out with my Grandma, Aunt, and cousin while my dh, Dad, and brother worked on getting the equipment (combines, grain truck, tractors, and drill) ready for wheat harvest.  The wheat here in Kansas looks absolutely awful.  Between it snowing four or more inches on it late in the spring and the excessive rain we have had it is all it can do to stand up in the fields.  Lots of it has been declared a total loss and worked under.  My Dad had to work some of his under.  It was really sad to see him out in the tractor turning it under. 

Sunday was church.  My Grandma, aunt, and cousin ended up not going because my Grandma was still coughing too much.  After church we headed to Grandma’s for a bbq.  It was a lot of fun.  All my family was there.  We don’t get together as often as we should, so it was fun to spend time with my cousins and everyone.  We came home late in the afternoon and went swimming.  Mom even came down to swim with us.  The water felt great and was nice and relaxing.  After we got out of the pool on our way back to the house we came across this slithering across the top of our pasture fence.


I know some of you will cringe, but we didn’t kill the snake.  When Dad mowed he reported on all the field rats and mice in the pasture so we decided since he was far away from the chickens he could live another day.


Yesterday (Monday) we worked all day, came home, dh vacuumed the pool and mowed.  I pulled weeds in the garden.  Then we swam, ate tacos for dinner, my aunt and mom came to visit, did chores and went to bed.  Our cat, Psycho, came down with pneumonia and died in the night.  It was really, really sad.  She was (we’re guessing) about 15 years old.  We loved her!  We are down to one cat full-time, Cooter, and Wil who stops in every once in awhile for a bite to eat.  We will see how Cooter does being by himself, but have already talked about getting ONE cat for him to pal around with.  Here is Psycho earlier in the year, she will be missed.



Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 


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