Around the Homestead

Kansas Wildlife…

I just have to say Kansas has the most abundant wildlife I’ve ever seen.  I remember when we first moved back from Birmingham I would drive to work and be amazed at all the animals you would see along the way.  During our commute in Alabama the only thing we saw on a daily basis was dogs and puppies people had dumped and abandoned.  It broke my heart.  I hope to never see anything like that again. 

I drive just over 3 miles on dirt roads at the beginning of my commute (in the dark) and the other 40+ miles on little two lane highways.  So there is a lot of opportunity for critters to be out and about.  Yesterday I saw a jack rabbit and drag raced a pheasant that literally flew right beside my passenger window for a short length of time.  This morning I saw deer on two different occassions and a coyote not far from our house.  It makes the drive interesting dodging wildlife the whole way.  I forgot how much I missed it when I lived in the city.  I actually worked with a guy who had never smelled a skunk before.  He asked us to compare it to something so he would know what one smelled like.  I told him there is no comparison to what a skunk smells like, how has he never smelled one?  Just one of the things I took for granted about growing up in the country.  That is until I lived in a tourist hot spot and an urban area.  Not that a skunk smells terrific and if you haven’t smelled one you don’t know what you’re missing!  Ha!ha!

Last night we had roasted chicken, baked potato, homemade bread, and salad fresh from the garden.  Yum!  The only flaw was the store bought dressing.  Baby steps, I’m working on it.

I spent last night weeding the lettuce and carrots and tending to the chicken (basting it every 30 minutes) while my dh mowed the lawn and vacuumed the pool. 

Tonight I intend to mulch the area I weeded and plant some carrots in the places none came up.  For dinner I’m thinking leftover beef stroganoff, homemade bread, and a fresh salad.  I need to make room in our refrigerator.~Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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