Sad Cat…


I think we have a cat in mourning at our house.  Is that possible?  Cooter was a kitten when we moved to Mom and Dad’s house.  He had a sister named Daisy, who was killed by one of our dogs.  There were approximately 25 (give or take) cats on the farm when my dh and I took over.  Most of them were wild, but after months of working with them I got 7-10 of them tame enough to haul to a vet an hour and a half away who would give me a special rate to have them all fix, treated for ailments, and get their shots.  I had numerous pills, ear drops, eye ointments, and liquid medicine to administer.  Then we took another bunch into our local vet for the same things.  A lot of $$$ later we had a manageable cat population and not chance of it growing.  Slowing they continued to crawl through the fence into the backyard with the dogs and meet their fate.  A few disappeared and two (now three) came down with pneumonia and died with in a couple of hours.  So my point is Cooter once had LOTS of company and now is all alone.  Will is our part-time, wild cat who comes and goes as he pleases and isn’t much company for Cooter.


Yesterday Cooter wouldn’t leave the front porch.  Last night we tried to spend some quality time with him, and he was extra cuddly.  My dh checked on him in the night and he was curled up in a ball in the corner of our porch tucked as close to the house as he could get.  This morning he was crying at the front door when I went to leave for work and cried as I was backing out of the driveway.


We are really having a hard time deciding what to do.  We really don’t want the expense of another cat, but Cooter needs a buddy, and we don’t mice to overrun our farm.  However, a new kitten/cat may wander into the backyard like so many of the other ones did, and we are just tired of all the heartache and having to bury so many.  We will just have to see how the little guy does on his own and go from there.

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