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Cookies, pool, and dog hair…

My oatmeal raisin cookies are WONDERFUL.  I’m not bragging on my kitchen skills, I’m bragging on the recipe (it’s not mine either).  I can never make sheet cookies that turn out well.  I usually blame the oven, hee! hee!  It’s propane, and I always have to cook them longer than the recipe calls for, but not too long to where they turn hard and crunchy.  These are just right!  Plus it made enough to freeze some to have for wheat harvest when we have to pack dinners. 

Dh worked his tail off on the pool getting put together and filled.  He’s striving to have it up and running by the time his Dad and Stepmom get here next weekend.  We had the coolest night so far this month last night which is pretty standard when you’re trying to warm pool water .     I suppose it will be warm soon enough.

I’m not entirely sure we won’t have hairless dogs by the end of this shedding season.  I vacuumed our family room last night.  Good grief!  Dh and I had to unclog the hoses and by the time we were done we had recreated another dog with all the dog hair we pulled out of the vacuum hoses.  Our cattledog “blows” her fur twice a year meaning it literally falls out in clumps.  Koal is just an all around shedder.  He gets nervous he sheds, he eats he sheds, he sleeps he sheds.  Love ’em, but hate the dog hair.  I could easily stand to vacuum once a day if I had the time.

Tonight I’m trying a new recipe!  Yummy Pinto Beans from

Have a great Wednesday!


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