New Babies…

There was a bit of a break, but both farms had babies yesterday.  Dh even had to stay a little late this morning and induce one of our ewes to get her to labor.  She had a healthy little boy and is hopefully doing okay.  We are up to seventeen babies if I’m not mistaken.  I’m supplementing a triplet just to be on the safe side, but otherwise everyone is healthy and hopefully happy.

I’m getting ready to go to lunch.  I’m running to a store called Back to Nature to buy myrrh.  I’m on a mission to make our own toothpaste (using Crystal Miller’s recipe).  We are squeezing the last little drop out of the tube, so dh said he will give it a go and try it.  He’s so good to just go with the flow and try all of my (sometimes crazy) ideas.

I’m leaving 30 minutes early because our boss kept us late Monday evening.  So, I’m running some errands for mom, delivering Avon brochures (a fun little side business), and going home to prepare for a three day weekend at home.  Yea!  Mom is off work today and tending to chores at their house, so we just have our little ones to tend to.  We have no plans or prior engagements this weekend, so my dh and I are both ecstatic.  I love being home! 

Have a great weekend!

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