Around the Homestead


When I got to Mom and Dad’s my dh had pretty much all of the chores done.  Yea!  They offered to make us dinner because my sweet aunt from North Carolina had sent us a ton of food via Honeybaked Ham so we didn’t have to cook while Dad was hurt.  So, we went home to do some chores.  We are supplementing one of our triplet babies with a bottle, we are milking out and drying off a ewe, and had to feed and water before heading back down for dinner. 

My aunt and cousins were out last night.  My Grandma was put in the hospital yesterday.  She has pancreatitis, so they are battle it again.  Please pray for her.  She gets so down when she has to stay in the hospital (as this has happened a few times before).  She’s a social butterfly and it’s such a disappointment to her to have to miss out on bridge, bowling, and all her social gatherings.  Hopefully it’s a speedy recovering this time around.  I was going to run to the bookstore near where I work over lunch today to get her a book.  If anyone has any suggestions.  I was thinking just a “feel good” type book like Chicken Soup for the ….Soul or something uplifting.  Thank you in advance.

Today is haircut day for dh (it’s been 9 mos. since his last haircut and he’s looking like a wild man), so he is going to be late.  That leaves me to do chores at Mom and Dad’s.  Yuck!  Oh well, he has taken care of them the past two days.  It’s probably time for me to take my turn.

Tonight we are having scrambled eggs with farm raised eggs, msg free sausage, and toast from homemade bread.  I love it!  I love eating foods I know are healthy for me and know what has gone into them.  I had totally planned to make kefir smoothies for Randy and I for breakfast, but just didn’t have the time.  Maybe tomorrow!  Dh had an upset stomache this morning so I probably should have made the time to make one for him.  He seems to like taking apple cider vinegar for stomache ailments ever since I recommended he try it, so hopefully it helped him this morning also.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  My week is almost over.  Yippee!


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