Picture Time…

Just thought I would share an action photo of our cats.  We only have three left.  Our dogs have a 10,000 sq. ft. fenced in backyard, the cats have free reign of the property, and yet they still felt compelled to crawl into the backyard and meet their fate.  Koal, our little mutt dog from Alabama, apparently has some Terrier in him and cannot tolerate cats.  Very Sad, but he just can’t help himself.  So, here are our remaining non-mouse hunting, non-mole killing, can-chase-grasshopper-or-a-leaf-with-the-best-of-’em, CATS!

Wil, Psycho, and Cooter (used to be a Daisy too incase you’re a Dukes of Hazards fan).

Not the most useful farm cats you will ever come across, but we love them just the same

Here is a picture of Me, Randy, and Cooter (Cooter is distracted).


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