Around the Homestead

Beautiful Morning…

I always love the mornings, but today the weather is absolutely beautiful.  We are on the verge of rain and possibly some thunderstorms.  So it’s damp and warm outside.  It reminds me of being back in Alabama.  Because of the possibilty of bad weather we kept all our sheep locked in the building since they are sheared and so if any of them decide to go into labor they won’t be have new babies in the rain.  Hank (our llama) wouldn’t go into the building, so hopefully he uses his small building if the weather gets too bad.  He tends to just stand out in the nastiest of weather and take it.

We have one set of triplets, so I tried them all on a bottle.  Once the little boy got the hang of it he drank like he hadn’t eaten in days.  I intend to supplement him every evening from here on out.  We are having a very high percentage of babies and are looking to have a profitable year in terms of sheep (and since it’s my ticket to being a work-at-home-wife), so I want to strive to do as well as possible.  My little brain was punchin numbers and brain storming off and on all day yesterday trying to devise and rework our existing plan.  I can’t wait to be home!

I do have a question.  Does anyone own or has anyone tried using a walk behind tractor?  I read about them on Mother Earth News.  The brands they advertise were BCS and Dr. Field.  They have ALL sorts of attachments and look like something that might be worth checking into.  We have looked at small tractors and implements, and I just don’t feel like it’s within our reach at this time.  Plus my Dad has two tractors he is more than willing to let us borrow at a moments notice.  Just thought I would see if anyone had an opinion on them.  Thanks!

Have a great Tuesday!

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