Twins, twins, and more twins…

We had a set of twins (a boy and a girl) yesterday morning and a set of twins this morning (a boy and a girl).  Yea!  We only have two more mamas to go!  We vaccinated and banded tails Saturday morning, but didn’t castrate any of our boys.  They are sooo good looking we are going to attempt to sell as many off the farm as possible before sending them to the sale barn as market lambs.  They are gorgeous, so if anyone is interested in adding some brawn to their sheep flock (and happen to be in the Kansas area) we have high percentage Texel rams on the market.~Smile

Our neighbors have a gigantic smoker and were smoking turkeys for a friend of our’s and offered to throw a couple of lamb roasts on the smoker for us.  They were absolutely delicious.  They tasted almost identical to pork.  This was our first encounter with lamb, and we were impressed with the flavor.  It’s hard, but you just try not the think about where it came from.  I always tell myself, “we take care of them, so they can take care of us.”  It really does help (me). 

My dh has been working like crazy to get our pastures fenced in.  We will worm our sheep this week or weekend, and they will be turned out on pasture.  I can’t wait.  We are working lambs this weekend at Dad’s.  We are guessing around 200 lambs.  Yikes!  The weekend after we are shearing sheep at Dad’s.  Luckily a lot of them are hair sheep, but I would still estimate around 100 of them will need a trimming and 300-500 will need wormed  (not sure if we worm the lambs?).  Ugh!  I’m going to be Buff Betty by the time all his sheep are tended to.  This past weekend we separated the rams (20-30) from the ewes and small babies.  I’m sunburned and bruised to prove it.

Have a great Tuesday!

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