Around the Homestead

Good Report…

Dad got a good report at the doctor on Monday. He also got his yucky ol’ cast off, and is now in a walking boot and feeling like a new man. He still can’t put any pressure on it, but to be able to take the cast on and off is great.

He had another ewe have a single (a little boy). She was a yearling Dorper and not 100% sure about the whole baby thing. She’ll come around. We put her in a pen with the two sets of Katahdin triplets. We are running short on pens and still debating on the bottle lamb issue. We’ll get it figured out (just like everything else, we just wing it).~Smile

It’s supposed to storm really bad this evening, tonight, and tomorrow. It makes me a nervous wreck with so many animals outside. They are even calling for hail and tornadoes. Let’s hope the weatherman is wrong! I actually feel almost rested for the first time in weeks. We didn’t get to bed any earlier last night, but I think my body is just adjusting to running on less sleep. Not the healthiest thing, but once dd is back on his feet I will be back to getting a full night’s sleep.

Mom made a great dinner for us last night. She has been making us dinner a lot for helping them out. We had corned beef, potatotes, cabbage, corn, and pineapple. It was really good!

Have a great Wednesday!

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