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Sheep Shearing 101…

We had a good weekend! Friday was spent on the road getting cutters sharpened so we could shear our sheep on Sunday. My dh wanted to learn so a friend of our came out to shear our sheep and give him a lesson. Saturday we got all the chores (our house and Mom and Dad’s) done early because another couple was coming out to spend the evening with us. We had a great time visiting with them! Sunday we planted 60 trees/shrubs at Mom and Dad’s. Mom cooked us all lunch, went home to rest up, and at 3:00 our sheep were getting sheared. Randy attempted to shear one of the sheep, but he was nervous he might cut one of them. Also, they are overly pregnant right now, and he just didn’t feel comfortable. The guy who sheared them for us is going to let Randy go with him when he does another small batch and take notes. Dad also offered for Randy to practice shearing his sheep. The equipment if fairly expensive, so we want to make sure it’s something he wants to do before investing in all of it. Dh has a bad back also, so we’re all a little worried it might be too hard on him. We finally finished shearing and got everything picked up at 8:00pm. We showered real quick, had egg sandwiches for dinner, and off to bed to start another week. Four o’clock came rather early for me this morning~LOL

Still no babies at our house, but one of Dad’s Katahdins had triplets. Go girl! One will be pulled for a bottle lamb, but we still haven’t decided how we’re going to get the little one mid-day bottles since we all work full-time. Possibly a nursing bucket will be put into action. Dad goes to the doctor today to check his broken ankle, so hopefully he gets a good report.

This morning dh and I were really dragging. We both wanted to call work and crawl back into bed. It’s going to have to be an early bedtime for us this evening.

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