Animals, Around the Homestead

Another tough weekend…

We had a rough weekend with the sheep. We had a mama at Dad’s house go into labor, have problems, I tried to pull the lambs, and couldn’t. We took her to the vet where he pulled twins (not alive). Dad was relieved we saved the ewe, but she died in the night Saturday. Her body had just been under too much stress for too long. The sheep have been taking out the electric fencing on a regular basis and helping themselves to the pasture. There are so many of them and some of them have wool, so they just push right through it hot or not.

We also managed to leave a gate unlatched and the donkey, Dusty, got out Friday. Then, we left a gate unlatched on Saturday and all the mamas and babies escaped into the front yard. Dad was in the house in bed and looked out the window to see about eight sheep eating out in the yard. We had gone back to our house to get our garden planted and received a phone call. Too many people in and out of gates to keep it all straight ~Smile

There is good news, however. When we brought the ewe home from the vet we arrived to a ewe with healthy twins (a boy and a girl). Doesn’t completely make up for the one we lost, but it helps.

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