Animals, Around the Homestead

Eleven new babies…

We came home from work to eleven new baby lambs at Mom and Dad’s. Katahdin, Dorper, and Romanov ewes all had babies yesterday. Overall the Katahdins have been really impressive as far as being prolific. We are considering crossing our texels ewes with Dad’s RR Katahdin ram. Hmm…. wonder how that will work.

The chickens are still doing well. We had 10 eggs Tuesday and 7 last night. Hope they keep it up. Still contemplating if we want to hatch out some bantie chicks. Not sure how we will keep track of which eggs we are hatching and which ones we are collecting. They stockpile eggs underneath them like crazy. One chicken had nine eggs under her in one day. They are funny!

We had really bad thunderstoms including small hail last night. Hope all the animals did okay. Our’s were shut in the the building and our llama, Hank, refused to come out this morning when Randy opened the gate. There was still lots of lightening so he probably figured he was too much of a target .~Smile

It’s the end of the work week for me! Yippee!

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