Around the Homestead

Broken Ankle…

Over the weekend my dad was working on the roof at my mom’s store in town.  The ladder shifted as he was coming down causing him to fall and break his ankle.  He is scheduled to have sugery today and will be out of commission for at least 4 weeks, possibly longer.

In the meantime my db, dh, dm, and myself are left in charge of the farm.  He has approximately 300 sheep on his farm most of which are preparing to lamb, need sheared, wormed, vaccinated, etc.  Not to mention the 60 acres left to set posts and fence in and wheat, barley, and milo harvest all coming up.

The four of us are all extremely exhausted from the weekend.  We had to go to the co-op with the gravity cart for bulk corn, the guys went for a load of alfalfa, dh and I drove an hour away to get a pickup, db built 15-20 feeders for the sheep, dh and I put up electric fencing and hung two gates, and along with dd’s place kept up with our chickens, sheep, llama, cats, and dogs.  Whew!

It’s going to be a long spring!

My brother leaves tomorrow for firefighting class, so we will be on our own through the weekend.  Randy and I hope to get an area fenced for our chickens since they keep getting out of the makeshift one we threw up Saturday afternoon.  We also hope to get a few things planted in the garden. 

We are also a rooster down as they have been starting to fight and we had to downsize.  A hen may have gotten involved as well as one was bleeding last night when I did chores.  We are getting a block for them to peck on and hopefully butchering two more roosters this weekend.

Wish us luck!

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