Around the Homestead

Water Problems…

I was on my home from work yesterday when I got a call from my dh who said he had been trying to dig fence post in our sheep lot (we are re-doing all the fencing in our lots and around the back of our chicken coop) and hit a water line. So, between him and my dd they think they have it fixed. Time will tell if it holds, but so far it looks like it’s going to.

I was on my own for getting corn at Grandma’s for the sheep. It’s in a type of grain cart and takes some effort to get it out of there. However, I came home with a full barrell despite my dh’s doubts.

We let the chickens out on the garden last night. They were in heaven! Hope it cuts down on our grasshopper population. We got six eggs last night, but there were feathers everywhere so I’m not sure how long the girls will keep it up. I’m not looking forward to being without eggs again.

Last night’s dinner was leftovers since we didn’t have water until 7:00 pm. Tonight I hope to make a Taco Soup recipe I found on Crystal Miller’s website along with her cornbread recipe. I always have good luck with her recipes, and they always taste great!

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