Around the Homestead

Semi-Portable Chicken Pen for Garden…

I promise to start adding pictures soon. Maybe over the weekend I can get some taken.

I worked through lunch and got home a half hour early last night. We were supposed to take three more roosters to the neighbors for butchering, but when we arrived with our roosters our neighbor wasn’t home from work yet (he had to work late). So, we are supposed to bring them back tonight. When we got home I fed the sheep their corn, plugged in the baby monitor, and flipped the light on in their shed. Then, dh and I worked for a little bit on dd’s lawn mower (the pull behind for the tractor). Then decided to put up some fencing on the garden and try letting the 3 roosters we had caught to be butchered out to see how they faired. The little guys immediately started pecking and scavenging, so I think we are on to something. I the pen doesn’t have a top on it, so they will only be allowed out on during the daylight when we are home to supervise. At least we were productive and made good use of our time last night. We will let all the chickens out in the garden in the evenings and by the weekend I will have a nice area ready for planting. The chickens will be moved to a new spot in the garden to prepare it for the next weekend. This will hopefully cut down on our bug problem in our garden in the summer months as they eat the larvae and prevent new pests from hatching. The fertilizer is nice too.

We then played frisbee for a little while in the backyard with Ash and Koal before heading inside for dinner, clean up, and some relaxation. I read (Nourishing Traditions) in the living room with Koal tucked away at my feet while Randy and Ash watched tv in the family room. Our different ways of relaxing!

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