Around the Homestead

2 Roosters Down…2 or 3 to Go…

Yesterday evening we took two of our roosters down to our neighbors house where a friend of their’s butchered two of our Bantam roosters for us. We let him keep the meat in exchange for dd getting a lesson in butchering. Still not sure we are up for butchering ourselves, but at least we have an idea how if we need to. He told us to bring the others down this evening and he would butcher them for us and let us take home the meat.

We also took our neighbors nine eggs we had just collected. They are good to share with us, so we try to repay the favor when we can.

We got our dogs to take their heartworm medicine which isn’t always easy. Ash isn’t fond of the heartworm pills and/or Frontline and runs if we go to the cabinet they are stored in, here’s the package open, or smells it. She’s nuts! Friday is supposed to be their bath day, so we’ll see how that goes. Ash is usually pretty good, and Koal behaved last time so hopefully it goes as smoothly this time around. Koal’s yearly shots are Friday so it might put him over the edge to have a bath on the same day. LOL!

It’s supposed to be 68 degrees today, but cooling off into the 50s tomorrow. So we’ll enjoy today while it lasts!

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