Around the Homestead

Wild Weekend…

We had a productive weeekend!

Friday was my Kitchen Day.  I made sauerkraut, baked bread, made green tomato bread, carrot cake cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting, and homemade pizza.  I also manage to vaccum my house and do five loads of laundry.  How two people have so much laundry I will never know.  In the evening we met mom and dad in town at Mom’s store and her, Dad, Randy, and I all loaded up and went to the Garden Show in Wichita.  They had a band there playing all Beatles music, so it was fun to listen to.  Afterwards we went to Willie C’s for a quick bite to eat before heading home. 

Sunday we didn’t make it to church.  My dh was supposed to meet up with one of our neighbors and make two trips hauling round bales from a town about an hour away from us for our sheep and my dd’s sheep.  However, he had to postpone so we ended up calling my cousin who took his semi and got all the bales in one load.  Whew!  We now have feed for awhile.  Common spring!  While we were waiting we got a large area of weeds pulled near the garden and ready to plant flowers around our bird bath, sawed the legs off of our two feeders so our baby ewes can get into them (they are too big for the creep feeder, but weren’t big enough to reach in the regular feeders), got one of our three-wheelers put back together, and got my db dirt bike running again.  The dirt bike alone was a chore.  I was on the 3-wheeler pulling Randy on the dirt bike as he tried to get it started.  When he finally got it going we were nearly 1/2 mile from the house.  He took off and left me to kick start the 3-wheeler.  To make a long story short, I ended up walking home and taking him back for the 3-wheeler.  I just don’t have enough “umpf” to get them going.  After he left to get hay with my cousin, I washed the bedding and played with Ash and Koal in the backyard.  I also went through my Avon order so I would be ready to place it on Monday.  Sunday evening when we went to do chores we noticed our roosters fighting.  We will need to get the smaller ones picked out and butchered this coming weekend.  My neighbor (a butcher) has offered to help show my husband how to do it.  So, next time we might be on our own. LOL

By Sunday evening we were exhausted and not ready to start another week back at work.  However, we made it to work without too much negativity!  Had trouble sleeping, so I need to get my lavender sachet back in my pillow.  It nevers seems to make it back in there after I wash the bedding.~smile

Have a great week!

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