Around the Homestead

2 pins and a plate…

Dad’s surgery went well.  He needed 2 pins and 1 plate to fix his broken ankle.  He had to stay the night again, so I’m sure he is anxious to get out of the hospital today.  I checked out some books at the library and bought him a crossword puzzle book to occupy his time. 

Mom was home early yesterday to help with chores.  It was a much better evening with her helping out at their house.  I made Tuna Casserole while Randy finished up our chores.  I stocked up on corned beef and cabbage for mom and I since it was on sale for St. Patrick’s Day.

I got my potatoes cut and curing for the garden.  They are supposed to set a week once they are cut, but they are going to get about 4 days.  I missed planting my peas “in the light of the moon” like the Farmer’s Almanac says, but my root crop will get planted in the “dark of the moon” as it advises. 

Besides getting our garden going, another goal for the weekend is to get a permanent area fenced for the chickens.  The girls laid 7 eggs Monday and 7 more on Tuesday.  There are feathers everywhere, so we are preparing for an even greater decline in their production shortly. 

Took pictures, but my rechargeable batteries went dead before I could download them.  The batteries are charging, so I promise to have some soon.

Have a great Wednesday!

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