Animals, Around the Homestead

Around the farm…

The weather was absolutely fantastic yesterday. When I got home from work I spent as much time outside as possible. Our cats needed some attention as did the sheep and llama. Our sheep like to have their noses rubbed and in the summertime their backs, but they have gotten too wooly for that. We noticed our cat, Psycho, has a bald spot on her side. She is a very old cat, so there could be a million reasons for the fur loss. It hasn’t slowed her down though, she’s still as fiesty as ever. I pulled chili out of the freezer for dinner and doctored it up and added some mozzarella cheese. It wasn’t too bad. We had church at 8:00 for Ash Wednesday. I will be honest it was our first time to attend an Ash Wednesday service, but we both really like the pastor and his wife and have decided church is just something we are going to make a part of our life. Neither one of us have regularly attended church before, so it is fairly new to both of us. We don’t get out at night much, we are morning people to say the least. So, it was nice to get to take a minute to look at the stars and the moon. The sky was perfectly clear last night. There is nothing better than seeing the stars at night, and Kansas is great for a view of the sky. In Alabama between the trees, the haze, and the city lights we very rarely saw stars at night.

The girls got with the program and laid 6 eggs last night giving us a full dozen of the miniature eggs. I think they are getting settled in their new home. I can’t wait until we can put them out on the garden for some spring cleaning. It’s the last day of the week for me, woohoo!

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