Around the Homestead

Ash Wednesday and Day 4 with Banties…

Fat Tuesday… Other than a long day at work, Tuesday was a great day! I had lunch at a fun little restaurant with my Grandma and Great Aunt. It was nice to get to spend some time with both of them. My dh got the corn for the sheep before I even got home and picked up an old wooden ladder from Grandma’s. When I got home Dad was tacking up the foam board insulation in the chicken coop and once he was done the ladder was cut in two and put in the chicken coop. Now they have two places to roost and climb. We noticed an egg eating issue last night before we could get one of the eggs collected. It seems to be the roosters eating the eggs, but we don’t get to observe them as much as we would like to know for sure. Dad got them for free from a guy who no longer wanted them, so they had been neglected a little. They are looking better by the day!

Dinner was Red Beans and Rice.

I soaked my rice overnight:

1 cup brown rice

2 cups water

1 T. yogurt

Soak approximately 8 hours and cook as directed. I makes a world of difference! Time to start my day at work.

Have a great Ash Wednesday!

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