Around the Homestead

What a weekend…

We had a nice weekend and managed to get a lot of things done around our farm. Still no baby lambs, but they aren’t actually due to start lambing until March 7th. The chickens are definitely getting settled in. One of the roosters attacked my legs on Friday and puffed up as if to let me know who’s in charge in the coop. They are laying much better. Probably due to getting settled in their new home and the warmer weather we had last week. It has turned off cold once again and plans to stay that way for awhile, but it is February in Kansas so you can’t expect anything different.

Saturday, we worked to clean Randy’s shop so he will have room to work on some upcoming engine projects. My dd has been reluctant to move has been reluctant to find a new home for everything in the shop at our house, so we broke down and boxed it up for him and set it by the door. Our pool house is our next project, but we didn’t have the energy to tackle it this weekend.

Sunday was church and then running a few errands. Dad came up to work our garden with his tractor and disk, but it was still too wet and he ended up having tractor problems and had to go home. We built nesting boxes for the chickens and called it a day. We watched the Nascar race in the afternoon. It was too windy and cold to do much of anything outside. It was an early bedtime (7:00 pm) and an early morning (4:00 am).

Coming to work today was hard on both of us. We love being home together so much and have such a good time. However, the bills don’t pay themselves, so off to work we go!

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