Llama Shed…

The llamas have been in need of a bigger, better shed for quite some time now.  So Randy gathered up some reclaimed wood and got to work on a “new” shed for the girls.

The only lumber we had to buy were 2 4×4.  The rest was reclaimed from a fairly new shed that blew down and Mom and Dad’s in a storm.

He got it all framed up in a day.

Moving it to its new home was another story, but in the end the two of us (a tractor, a pickup, and a car hauler) got it moved safe and sound.

I was joking with Randy that the llamas, being the high maintenance, sassy creatures they are were a little disappointed in getting a modular home when they saw it roll in on a trailer, but they will be so thankful for it when the big hail and rains come.  For now they come up into the lots to a building up there, but once this has tin on it they will be able to stay out in the pasture and not have to come all the way to the house if a storm rolls in.

He did a great job and saved us so much money not having to buy lumber.  It was a lot more work for him pull the boards and propanel apart, but I am so grateful for the extra time he took to save us a lot in the end.

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A Day In the City…

Randy and I took a day away from the farm to hang out and hit some vintage stores and thrift stores.  On our way to a VW shop we took a back street and saw this really cool fence.

And this skinny little building.

It was between the railroad tracks and a busy street.  Not sure what it used to be or what it is being used for now, but thought it was interesting.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but it is the only one I have of a couple thrift store finds.  I hope to have them refinished soon and will share pictures of their transformation.

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Just a Quick Update…

There is nothing better than the feeling we get when we can provide food for ourselves.

We don’t have a huge garden this year, but we have a nice little selection of produce at our fingertips.

Enough that we are able to make an entire healthy, chemical-free meal all from stuff from our farm.

We added some eggs to the veggies above and had a delicious meal.

Remember these macrame plant hangers?  I have had many a crack made about the fact that I drug this beauty (minus the pot) home from the Salvation Army for $1.75 the other day.  I bucket of soapy water and the spray nozzle on our hose and it was good as new.  Even the lady at the Salvation Army said, “I was wondering when we were going to sell this.  It has been here FOREVER.”  I was still undeterred and think it looks great in our bedroom.  The pot was one I found laying around that mom had left behind.  I little bit of spray paint and it was ready to go.


Metal “Flower” Project…

I found a few of these in the scrap metal pile Dad has compiled off of his equipment. This is off a planter…I saw flowers.

I made the mistake of trying to paint them before the rebar was welded onto them.

A little sanding.

A little priming.

And they were ready for paint again.

I think they turned out okay for my first attempt.

This is our asparagus patch.

 It needed a splash of color.

Have a great day!