Around the Homestead

Finally feels like Autumn

The garden produce has been collected, the firewood hauled to the house, the chimney is clean, the fire is lit. Autumn has finally arrived on our homestead. We absolutely love this time of year.

We are preparing for a season of celebrating. We have cozy fall books stacked a mile high, boxes of apples, jugs of apple cider, and candles lit.


It is finally cool enough to work on the school bus some more. We are getting close to having it insulated.

We took our last trip to a local zoo with our cousins before it closes for winter.

Collected the last of the herbs before the first freeze.

A broom Canyon and I made from catmint.

Willie Nelson helping…


Bandit curled up sleeping in a nesting box.

First fire of the season. We love this time of year.

Hope everyone is enjoy the changing seasons. After a really hot and dry summer, we are enjoying the cool days ahead. A time to curl up with a good book and a mug of something warm to drink.

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