Llamas on the Farm

We have three guard llamas on our farm. Their ages range from roughly 10-20 years old. While we are on a waiting list for Finn sheep and patiently biding our time. We decided we needed to be thinking about a younger guard for our soon-to-be-sheep-flock.


We were originally thinking we would just buy a male and geld him like we did the first time we needed a guard. However, we saw this guy we knew he was too beautiful to geld.


So we ended up driving 4 hours away for a starter flock of females to begin breeding our own guards and pets.

We ended up with two registered females and a rescued mama and baby. It was a package deal, so they could all stay together and we absolutely love them. The two younger, registered females need a lot of work, but the older mama is incredibly sweet. She just needs a lot of special nutrition to get her healthy again.

One of our original llamas, Sylvia, has fallen pretty hard for the new guy.

Baby, Simone
Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson isn’t sure about the new arrivals yet.

We hope to have registered and non-registered llamas for sale in the future. The coyote population has gotten really dense here, so as we listen to the howls surrounding our farm at night, we feel completely satisfied with our decision and comfort in knowing our farm is heavily guarded.

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