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We bought a School Bus

We needed something portable, wouldn’t flood, could hold out the Kansas wind, and sleep at least 4 and a dog. We also needed it to be inexpensive! We looked at yurts, but the wind and rodents were a concern. We looked at campers, but too boring and expensive. We even seriously looked at a houseboat, but the logistics of moving it in was just too much for me to process. So, school bus it is!!

We took it out on the road for the first time with family and had the very best time.

It was one of the most fun days we have had in a long time. The girls absolutely LOVE their cousins and look forward to their visits all year long. Randy and I too love our time together with them.

Randy is working a ridiculous amount of overtime right now, but hopefully on nice days we will begin to convert it to a livable space. We hope to repurpose as much material as we can. I will try to post any improvements on here. It will be a slow restoration, I am sure, but initially, we just want it sealed up and cozy so we can camp in it.

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