Around the Homestead

Blood, sweat, and tears

For all the joy and laughs a farm and the animals that live here bring, it wouldn’t be fair if along with the snuggly pictures of goats in sweaters, kitties curled up in the sunshine, and dogs playing in the yard, I didn’t include some of the realities of our daily lives here.

Aspen had to sell one of her bottle goats, Raymond. He was a gorgeous Savanna billy, but because he was handled so much he got mean. The truth is, we didn’t need another billy goat either. So on sale day, she put on his halter and lead and walked him to the trailer herself. She hugged him and cried bitter tears, and she said her goodbyes. My heart ached for her and the sadness she was going through. I’ve been there, and I know with time that pain will lessen, but the next goodbye is always right around the bend on the farm.


Possums kill chickens.

Cats get sick.

Willie Nelson, who thankfully made a full recovery.

Sheep grow old, and have trouble staying warm on cold winter nights.

Calves grow up and will one day have to be sold.

Baby lambs aren’t always born perfect.

When you love animals the way we loves animals, sometimes the losses seem too great to bear. However, with time our hearts heal, new babies will be born, and the circle of life will continue. Somedays I wonder if I have what it takes to live this country, farm life. Somedays the works seems endless and the pay meager. Most days, however, it brings me a joy like nothing else on earth ever could. I know there is nothing I would rather do with my life than give these animals the best care I can for as long as I have them, to tend to the land and grow our own food, and to have the solitude that life in the country offers. I thank God everyday he put me right where I am.

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