Selling Sheep…

We have been so fortunate to sell some sheep off of our farm.  We have sold Dorper ewes, Dorper/Romanov ewe lambs, and a Romanov ram.  We have also sold some Texel/Romanov cross ewe lambs.

Sorting day.

Our sheep are fairly tame and easy to work with (minus a few flighty Romanovs).  The Texels just have a really calm temperment.

Some of the girls are looking skinny due to just being “dried off.”  They are on poor feed for a few days to try to get their milk production stopped.  Some of their lambs have been sold, so we sorted those ewes off to protect the health of the ewes and prevent mastitis or hard bag.

The remaining lambs on the other hand are across the fence from their mamas eating corn and alfalfa.  Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

After a hard morning of sorting sheep everyone on the farm was tuckered.

We still have some really nice Texel ewes, Texel/Romanov ewe lambs, and Dorper/Romanov ewe lambs for sale if you are interested just email me or leave me a comment on this blog.

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Selling Sheep…”

  1. Are you still raising & selling pure texel sheep or the texel/dorper cross sheep? Do the Texel sheep really require a lot of grain to fatten and don’t fatten well on pasture alone? So are they not a good grass-fed option? How many lambs can they have per cycle? What is the texel/dorper meat carcass like?


  2. We have actually changed over to Texel/Romanov crosses and absolutely love the results. Texels take minimal grain and stayed well conditioned even through the drought and poor pasture we have struggled with the last few years. Romanovs are good scavengers, VERY parasite resistant, but will require grain when pregnant as they generally carry multiples and need the added nutrition where the Texels require very little. The cross, however, is somewhere in between and we single out those needed the added nutrition and up them accordingly. We don’t allow our lambs free-choice on grain and only feed a small amount to keep them growing until sale day. Romanovs are very prolific and out-of-season breeders, so the crosses could give you the 3 lambings in 2 years, but we don’t push them that hard. I don’t know enough on the meat carcass to answer that question, sorry. I hope I have answered most of your questions. We love the crosses and actually are looking for another Romanov ram and hoping to purchase more Texel rams to continue with this cross.


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