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County Sheep Tour…

Our county sheep tour was today.  There were four farms toured and lunch served.  Our farm and momand dad’s were chosen as part of the tour.  We learned lots, met lots of wonderful people, and got to visit with lots of people we haven’t seen in awhile.

The beginning of our tour started out with a registerd Hampshire farm.

Their working chute.

3 of their 4 guard dogs…Maremmas

Back to work guarding their Hampshire sheep.

Next was an interesting stop at a farm who no-tills, does windrow feeding, and has a wonderful rotational grazing setup where cattle can graze year around with the special seed mixes this farmer has used.  He has found a way to make baling and hauling in hay unnecessary on his farm.

Waterers used to supply fresh, unfrozen water to his cattle in the winter.

Fiberglass/wood composite post used on his high-tensil fencing.

We broke for lunch before heading to our house and then to mom and dad’s.  Lunch was a wonderful catered lunch that totally hit the spot.

The weather was beautiful which made for the perfect day to be outside.  We learned so much and hope to be a part of these tours in the future.

Have a great day!

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